Invitation to A•G Followers

Musings of Interior and Architecture Students

Arki Galeri

1/24/20211 min read

This maiden post is to inform that this blog section has been set aside for followers of Arki•Galeri to muse about anything to do with their study, student life and uni experience whether good or bad, taking interior architecture and architecture as their chosen career.

We will publish your musings here after our editorial team had checked the contents to ensure no derogatory or discriminatory remarks are used to disparage any person, institution, gender, race, creed or colour.

For the benefit and appreciation of A•G international audience, we would appreciate if your writing is in english.

Email your musings to with

1.   Your Name and Title of Your Musing.   2. Year of Study and Name of Your University.   3. Country of Residence.

Thank you.